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Event Contract

Welcome to Parker’s Hilltop Brewery! We are pleased that you choose us to share your special event. Our professional staff has been trained to provide personalized service. Certain policies have been established to ensure that we provide you with the best possible experience.

Room Rental Charges

RoomCapacityWeekend rental feeWeekday rental fee
Court #230 - 60$350.00 Friday-Sunday$150.00 Tuesday-Thursday
Back Bar20 - 30$350.00 Friday-Sunday$150.00 Tuesday-Thursday
  • All events are time limited to a three (3) hour maximum, with a three (3) hour bar. There will be an additional $50.00 service fee for every hour over contract time.
  • All food, beverage, and additional fees are subject to Michigan sales tax and 20% service charge.
  • The room rental fee includes tables, chairs, napkins, china, silverware, stemware, set-up & clean up.

Final Guarantee Policy

  • A minimum guest count is required during peak season. At the time of bookings this will be noted and initialed by the client on their contract. Our minimum guest count is a guaranteed 20 for which you will be charged even if actual guest count is less than the minimum.
  • We request that you finalize your arrangements at least ten (10) days prior to your event. The guest count may not exceed the room capacity.

Deposit & Refund Procedure

  • Should a cancellation occur within 72 hours of your event, the credit card on file would be charged a $100.00 penalty.

Security & Damages

  • Parker’s Hilltop is not responsible for the loss or damage of any personal property on the premises, prior to, during, or following any event.
  • The booking party is responsible for any damages, theft, breakage, and/or loss to the premises and is responsible for repair/replacement cost(s).
  • Parker’s Hilltop is a family friendly restaurant however, we ask that children be supervised at all times, and remain in your assigned room area. Parker’s Hilltop will not be responsible for any injuries that may result.


  • All charges, including charges for additional guests above your guaranteed count, unpaid bar tabs etc... shall be paid by cash or credit card immediately following your event.
  • Groups requesting tax exemption must complete the tax-exempt form prior to the scheduled event.

Food & Alcoholic Beverages

  • Parker’s Hilltop must be contacted with menu selection no later than seven (7) days prior to your event. For plated menus your menu counts are due ten (10) days prior to event. (Place cards are mandatory for this type of service and are not provided by Parker’s Hilltop) Positively no reductions in guaranteed figures will be accepted at this time.
  • We will only substitute entrees for vegetarians or medical reasons. (Details are required at time of booking).
  • All food and beverages must be provided by Parker’s Hilltop. Due to health department regulations, all food served at Parker’s Hilltop must be prepared by our culinary staff. Food may not be taken off the premises after it has been prepared and served. Please note that all Federal, State, and Local laws regarding food and beverage purchase and consumption are strictly adhered to. The Michigan Liquor Control Commission directly forbids any alcoholic beverage being brought onto the property. Parker’s Hilltop further reserves the right to refuse to serve any guest any alcoholic beverage if it has been determined by any of our staff that the guest may be intoxicated.


  • Hilltop now offers Decoration Rentals, please inquire within. Decorations or displays proposed by the guest to be brought onto the premises shall be subject to approval by Parker’s Hilltop prior to the event. Items may not be attached to any stationary or moveable wall, floor or ceiling with nails, pins, tape or any other substance. No sign shall be placed in any common or public areas. Decorations, balloons, etc. can be set up no earlier than two (2) hours prior to the start of the function unless otherwise notified in writing by Parker’s Hilltop. The management requests that no glitter, confetti, rice, or birdseed be scattered throughout the premise. Candles are allowed in glass enclosures only.
  • Seating arrangements are not the responsibility of Parker’s Hilltop. A table can be provided for place cards upon request.

Miscellaneous Regulations

  • All set-up work must be completed a half hour prior to the function.
  • Courts must be vacated a half hour after the contracted rental time, or incur a $50.00 per hour service charge.
  • The client or client’s sub-contractors must remove everything immediately following the function.
  • All events are limited to a three (3) hour maximum, with a three (3) hour bar.
  • No confetti, dance dust, or similar items are allowed on the premises.
  • No disc jockeys, smoke, fog, or bubble machines are permitted on the premises.
  • Parker’s Hilltop will not be responsible for any items left on premises by subcontractors, i.e. or florist.

Parker’s Hilltop reserves the right to inspect and control all events held on premises.